Gary Hall

Hall and Offerall Can Take Your Message to Where Your Customers Are

Hall and Offerall Can Take Your Message to Where Your Customers Are


In today's fast paced, technology based, mobile world, more and more people are accessing the Internet from their smartphone apps and other portable devices, meaning that personal computers are becoming a relic of the past.

While increased mobility means that your customers can connect with your business from wherever they are, what happens if your mobile app comes out looking distorted or is difficult to navigate or make purchases from on a smartphone? You lose business you didn't even know you potentially had.

That is where Offerall can help. Co-founded by Internet strategist and entrepreneur Gay B. Hall in 2011, Offerall is a national mobile communications company that can take your business message to where your customers will most likely see and use it -- to their mobile phones. Offerall can help you build a database of your customers that you can use to send out targeted messages to based on their previous buying decisions. Research shows that those targeted messages are read 97 percent of the time and that's sure to positively impact your company's bottom line. Still on the fence about mobile marketing? In 2011 more than 89 percent of major brands had earmarked a portion of their budgets for apps that would reach their customers.

Offerall can help you reach and interact with your customers in every communication you have, whether that occurs online, at the point-of-sale, via text message, within social networks or through traditional media. It offers turnkey mobile site and app building with an SMS marketing platform as well as social media marketing in addition to card linked offers, rewards for cash and life linked offers.

Prior to helping found Offerall, Gary Hall was instrumental in developing into a more than 60 million member social network and led its entire online marketing campaign and overall strategic development. Gary Hall also served as president of Pringo, a social network platform whose approach was adopted by, Eldos, Anthony Robbins, Yokahoma Tires and others. While at Pringo, Hall was instrumental in developing its enterprise level software.

Hall also spent time as a senior director at FSD Business Development, a firm that specialized in licensing deals in the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and value added re-seller (VAR) markets. He was instrumental in establishing relationships with such major brand names as Home Depot, Office Max, Target and the Conexant Corporation.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Offerall's clients include, Ford, GM, Parent Society, realtors, lead generation companies, professional sports teams and more.